Zika Impact: British Pregnant Women To Be Given Immediate Ultrasound Scans

Immediate ultrasounds are being given to British women who are pregnant or have conceived within a fortnight of their return from Zika- infected countries, so as to make sure their baby is growing correctly. Britons, especially couples have been warned to put off trying for a baby for up to at least six months if either partner has been experiencing unexplained rashes or fever after they have come back from any one of the 23 countries that have been infected with Zika.

Pregnant women who have traveled to Zika infected regions would be closely monitored even if no signs of the infection are seen. They would be given immediate ultrasound. Even if they have tested negative for Zika, just to be sure, they would be given monthly ultrasounds. According to the figures provided by the Office for National Statistics, there are around half a million people that are believed to be traveling to Zika infected regions in the last six months.

Last week, The World Health Organization issued warnings, that the disease was spreading very quickly and that by the end of 2016 there would be about four million people who would be infected with this disease. Already six Britons who have been traveling to Suriname, Colombia, Mexico, the Cook Islands and Guyana have been infected with Zika.

This disease was mostly found in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. But by last May, the first outbreak of this disease was found in Brazil. Since then Zika has spread to 22 other countries.

Most people contract this disease by being bitten by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is found commonly in the equatorial regions. But recently it has also been found in southern states of America and Australia. The Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes have also been blamed for the spread of the dreaded dengue fever. Currently, there are many countries infected with Zika. Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, Barbados are some countries where many cases of Zika were reported.

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