People Left Brisbane to Escape Flooding

Brisbane appeared to be a deserted ghost city today after most of its population evacuated the city and headed for safer areas. The floods that have come over Australia in the last weeks have made it impossible for people to remain in their homes in many important Australian cities. Queensland is another city that has been severely flooded by water and the flooded surface now surpasses the area of entire countries.

Warning have been issued to Brisbane citizens as regard to the flooding in the next three or four days. In some areas the water is as high as traffic signs and the city itself represents now a desperately sad image. Another danger is yet to emerge and warnings about the raw sewage that is spilling into rivers have been launched. They represent a real infection source and the easiest disease spreader. The death toll has reached 12 as two more bodies were found today.

Another 50 people are missing and search crews have been set in order to find them. People in Brisbane desperately tried to gather their most valuable possessions and have started evacuating the city. It seems that the worst is yet to come and although many have declared that they only just moved into new residences, they prefer not to take a chance. Surfboards and dinghies were used by people in order to carry their luggage and the few possessions they could save from the flood. The pea of the flooding is expected tonight and it will most surely flood the remaining areas. More than 20,000 homes are in danger of being flooded, Brisbane mayor announced and it is a good thing that people reacted and decided to leave the town. This way the loss of human lives might be avoided.

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