Dilma Rousseff Ousted As Brazil’s President

Brazil’s first female president Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the Brazilian Senate on Wednesday for manipulating the federal budget. It has put an end to the 13 long years of governing by the left wing worker’s party. Ms. Rousseff has denied all allegations made against her.

Sixty-one senators believed to have voted in favor of Ms. Rousseff’s dismissal while 20 were against it which meets the two-third majority needed to oust her from the presidency.
Ms. Rousseff was charged with criminal accountability in the rendering of her duties, which includes neglecting the federal budget and administrative misconduct.

Michel Temer will take the place of Ms. Rousseff as the new president of Brazil until the end of the current term, on 1 January 2019. Mr. Temer served as Ms. Rousseff’s vice president earlier this year.
Recently, Mr. Temer was found guilty of disrupting campaign finance limits, which could make him ineligible for running for office for at least eight years, if ever he gets convicted. Since becoming temporary president in May, he has been making a lot of change which has brought a huge disapproval amongst his people. He named a cabinet without any Afro-Brazilian or female ministers, outraging a lot of people as Brazil is a country known for its diversity in people.

Japanese Economy Loosing Manufacturers´ Confidence

The Tankan quarterly survey is one of Japan’s most watched indicators as far as business and economy go and it is issued by the Bank of Japan. This year the confidence in Japanese manufacturers has decreased for the very first time since the first quarter of 2009.The decrease in the Japanese market was not as high as initially expected. This is mostly due to the swift recovery made by Japan after the international financial crisis that occurred two years ago. Confidence that Japan will recover still remains.

The comparison between the large number of manufacturers reporting positive conditions and the number of manufacturers reporting negative conditions decrease from +8 to a +5. +5 was the number reported three months ago, so the decrease is quite significant if we take into account the short period of time. The same goes for big non-manufacturers even if the margin is only of +1 as compared to +2 in September. Forecasts are not however very optimistic as far as the next quarter is concerned, with an expected decrease of the index to -1 for large manufacturers and -2 for big non-manufacturers.

Expectations are that Japan´s economy will freeze or will continue to decrease in this quarter after it had grown with 1.1 percent per quarter from July and until September. The government has reacted to these forecasts announcing a cut of 5 percentage points of the effective corporate tax and has advised the Bank of Japan to start taking measures in order to influence an economic decrease and in order to combat deflation.

Police Claims Prince Died Due to Fatal Mix Of Drugs

With the police still investigating the death of Prince, the Purple Rain singer, it is widely being speculated that Prince may have died due to overdose of mixed drugs. The singer died in April, news that shocked his fans all over the world. Prince is believed to have been struggling with painkiller addiction. Even though the toxicology results are not available yet, those investigating the death of the star are under the assumption that his death might have been caused by the combination of two drugs, Percocet and Buprenorphine.

The star’s death is being investigated by authorities, who are currently questioning two doctors who were present in the star’s house at the time of his death. It is said that Dr. Michael Schulenburg went to prince’s house to deliver the test result. He and Andrew Kornfelt were present at the same time. Mr. Kornfelt had Buprenorphine in his bag which is used for treating opiate addiction. The combination of Percocet and Buprenorphine can bring upon instant death on a person as both the drugs can cause suppressed breathing.

Dr. Schulenburg performed tests and prescribed medicines on April 7 and April 20 for the star. Dr. Schulenburg specializes in family medicine and has left the North Memorial Medical Centre immediately, after finding out about the death of Prince. The doctor had prescribed drugs and has also performed tests on Prince for a mystery ailment, which is still not known.

The police are also investigating more about the painkillers which were used by Prince after the autopsy showed the presence of Percocet which contains oxycodone and acetaminophen in his system. Also, a date was fixed by the star to see a doctor about his addiction to painkillers.

Shortly after his death, a post-mortem examination was carried out on the star’s body and ruled out of the death being suicide. But it may take weeks for the full results to come out.