More Controversies Brewing Over Hillary’s E-mails

Earlier last year, it became widely known that Hillary Clinton while serving as the United States Secretary of State, had used her private email server of her house for conducting official communications, rather than using official State Department email accounts that have been maintained on federal servers. On Friday, the US government revealed that they had found 22 emails on the unsecured private server in her home, containing top secret information. Mrs. Clinton by using her private email account while serving as the secretary of state has violated certain government protocols causing a series of investigations by the FBI as to check whether the information she received or sent could have been compromised.

Mrs. Clinton has continuously downplayed the importance of the email issue, claiming she made a mistake but never did anything to jeopardize America’s secret. She admits it would have been smarter to use her secured work email server as Secretary of State.

Just there being three days for the Iowa Assembly, she would now face fresh questions about the recovered emails. The state Department has confirmed seven email exchanges with a total of 37 pages to be top secret information and if fallen into the wrong hands would pose a serious risk to national security. The state government has announced on Friday, even in redacted form, the emails in question are too sensitive to be released to the public.

Mr. Kirby, the spokesman, had said in a statement that as the documents were not marked as classified, an investigation was underway in order to determine whether it should have been classified before the documents were sent. An official of the intelligence department has told the Associated Press that the documents concerned had special access programs which could be used to identify agents who are working undercover. The emails may also contain the information about operations which are done secretly like drone strikes.

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