Concerns over Tourism in Acapulco

Mexico has been the center stage of really violent confrontations and horrific crimes.Last week’s findings in Acapulco have really shocked the world-wide.15 people were found beheaded and other 15 were killed in violent confrontations. The war between drug-cartel families has really got out of hand and Mexican authorities seem to be in over their head. Besides the violent and crime factor that has increased with the years and represents the most urging problem in Mexico, concerns have appeared as far as tourism in Mexico is concerned.

Acapulco has been the scene of some violent crimes and it is a surprise that people still come here from all over the world. Just last October 20 tourists were kidnapped in the neighborhood of Acapulco and found dead one month later. Organized crime has taken over Mexico and the two most powerful organized crime families “La Familia” and “Los Zetas” inaccessibly kill each other for supremacy on the drug market.

Tourism is very important in Mexico’s economy and only last tear Mexico had 8.2 million tourists from outside the country. The Acapulco resort is widely known and popular for its beaches, landscapes and night life. People come here from over the world so it would really be a shame for the beach resort to lose its important place in the tourism industry. If until now, Acapulco appeared on TV promoting tourism in Mexico, last week the resort made newspapers head lines with the gruesome discovery of the beheaded men. So far tourists have not given up on coming to Acapulco but who knows what the future might bring.

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