Columbia Plane Crash Tragedy: Brazil Mourns Chapecoense Football Team

Hundreds of Brazilians in Chapeco gathered at the stadium to pay their respects to their fallen heroes-The Chapecoense Football Team. Many were still in shock, after learning that the members of their beloved team had fallen victim to the tragic plane crash that took place near Madellin, in Columbia, on Tuesday 29th November 2016. Avid football fans were seen weeping, clutching the team’s T-shirts, outside the local stadium, unable to comprehend or bear the sheer magnitude of the tragedy.

There was an overwhelming feeling of loss all over Brazil, as the Chapecoense Football Team was on their way to play, what many have termed, as the greatest game in history- the finals of the Copa Sudamericana, which had been scheduled against their hugely popular rivals, The Medellin team of Atletico Nacional.

Brazilians, recognized for their love of the sport, know just how important the match was. It was only a week ago that the team became the 1st Brazilian Team to become eligible to play in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. Many in the team had commented that the biggest highlight of their careers and the year’s football season was the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. The club’s jubilation knew no bounds, as was evident from the many posts on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, it was a dream that was short-lived.

The tragic plane crash has claimed 71 lives, out of the 77 that were on board. Columbian aviation officials have pinpointed a faulty electrical circuit, as the main culprit behind the crash. Out of the 77 people on board, only six have survived the crash. There are reports that two of the survivors are footballers- Jackson Follman (reserve goalkeeper) and Alan Ruschel (defender). Both are said to be in a state of shock from the incident.

As a mark of respect, the footballers from the Atletico Nacional have requested the organizers to award the cup to the Chapecoense team.

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Barcelona´s Battle for the Best

It seems that this year the battle for world´s best footballer is in Barcelona´s courtyard. Three of the talented football players that have been nominated for
he 2010 FIFA Ballon d´Or are all playing for Barcelona and this is going to be a fun competition to witness. All three players, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi have played key roles in the club´s success last year and it is going to be a tough choice to pick the best.

Las year´s FIFA winner was Lionel Messi but this year the competition is tougher as spanish competitors Xavi and Iniesta both played and helped their national team in the success reported by Spain at World Cup in South Africa this July. Xavi even was the one who scored in the final against Netherlands, his goal being the only one of the match. The World Cup as well as a good season with Barcelona led to their nomination for the Ballon d´Or.

However the title is not in the bag for neither of the two. Las year’s winner Lionel Messi doesn´t seem to give up without a fight. After scoring 35 goals in 34 matches during season 2009-2010 when Barcelona won the Spanish title, he started this season in the same manner scoring15 goals in 12 matches. His cloud of shadow was the represent by the categorical defeat that Argentina suffered in the final against Germany at the World Cup in South Africa, a smashing 4 to 0.

Josep Guardiola was also nominated for coach of the year award so all in all it was a really good year for Barcelona.

Olympic Torch Lit By Greek Actress!

The entire world watched in awe as the Olympic torch was lit today for the Olympics Games Rio 2016. It was held in Ancient Olympia, Greece. This lighting marks the start of the Olympic Torch Relay and will see the torch travel around Greece for six days and covering 2,235km, before being officially given to the organizers of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. This will be held on the 27th April at the Panathenaic stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.

This beautiful ceremony saw the famously popular Greek actress Katerina Lechou (aged50) taking on the ceremonial role of the Greek High Priestess, surrounded by many people acting as the Greeks of Ancient Olympia. Dressed in the stylishly ancient garb, she lit the Olympic torch by using an ancient trick: The Sun’s rays were diverted and focused using a highly polished concave mirror and was used to light the torch, without the use of modern matchsticks. The ceremony then saw a white dove, representing peace and harmony, being released into the sky.

The ceremony then saw the torch being handed to the famous Greek gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias, the Gold Medal winner, who was chosen to be the first torch-bearer.