Concerns over Tourism in Acapulco

Mexico has been the center stage of really violent confrontations and horrific crimes.Last week’s findings in Acapulco have really shocked the world-wide.15 people were found beheaded and other 15 were killed in violent confrontations. The war between drug-cartel families has really got out of hand and Mexican authorities seem to be in over their head. Besides the violent and crime factor that has increased with the years and represents the most urging problem in Mexico, concerns have appeared as far as tourism in Mexico is concerned.

Acapulco has been the scene of some violent crimes and it is a surprise that people still come here from all over the world. Just last October 20 tourists were kidnapped in the neighborhood of Acapulco and found dead one month later. Organized crime has taken over Mexico and the two most powerful organized crime families “La Familia” and “Los Zetas” inaccessibly kill each other for supremacy on the drug market.

Tourism is very important in Mexico’s economy and only last tear Mexico had 8.2 million tourists from outside the country. The Acapulco resort is widely known and popular for its beaches, landscapes and night life. People come here from over the world so it would really be a shame for the beach resort to lose its important place in the tourism industry. If until now, Acapulco appeared on TV promoting tourism in Mexico, last week the resort made newspapers head lines with the gruesome discovery of the beheaded men. So far tourists have not given up on coming to Acapulco but who knows what the future might bring.

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Police Claims Prince Died Due to Fatal Mix Of Drugs

With the police still investigating the death of Prince, the Purple Rain singer, it is widely being speculated that Prince may have died due to overdose of mixed drugs. The singer died in April, news that shocked his fans all over the world. Prince is believed to have been struggling with painkiller addiction. Even though the toxicology results are not available yet, those investigating the death of the star are under the assumption that his death might have been caused by the combination of two drugs, Percocet and Buprenorphine.

The star’s death is being investigated by authorities, who are currently questioning two doctors who were present in the star’s house at the time of his death. It is said that Dr. Michael Schulenburg went to prince’s house to deliver the test result. He and Andrew Kornfelt were present at the same time. Mr. Kornfelt had Buprenorphine in his bag which is used for treating opiate addiction. The combination of Percocet and Buprenorphine can bring upon instant death on a person as both the drugs can cause suppressed breathing.

Dr. Schulenburg performed tests and prescribed medicines on April 7 and April 20 for the star. Dr. Schulenburg specializes in family medicine and has left the North Memorial Medical Centre immediately, after finding out about the death of Prince. The doctor had prescribed drugs and has also performed tests on Prince for a mystery ailment, which is still not known.

The police are also investigating more about the painkillers which were used by Prince after the autopsy showed the presence of Percocet which contains oxycodone and acetaminophen in his system. Also, a date was fixed by the star to see a doctor about his addiction to painkillers.

Shortly after his death, a post-mortem examination was carried out on the star’s body and ruled out of the death being suicide. But it may take weeks for the full results to come out.

More Controversies Brewing Over Hillary’s E-mails

Earlier last year, it became widely known that Hillary Clinton while serving as the United States Secretary of State, had used her private email server of her house for conducting official communications, rather than using official State Department email accounts that have been maintained on federal servers. On Friday, the US government revealed that they had found 22 emails on the unsecured private server in her home, containing top secret information. Mrs. Clinton by using her private email account while serving as the secretary of state has violated certain government protocols causing a series of investigations by the FBI as to check whether the information she received or sent could have been compromised.

Mrs. Clinton has continuously downplayed the importance of the email issue, claiming she made a mistake but never did anything to jeopardize America’s secret. She admits it would have been smarter to use her secured work email server as Secretary of State.

Just there being three days for the Iowa Assembly, she would now face fresh questions about the recovered emails. The state Department has confirmed seven email exchanges with a total of 37 pages to be top secret information and if fallen into the wrong hands would pose a serious risk to national security. The state government has announced on Friday, even in redacted form, the emails in question are too sensitive to be released to the public.

Mr. Kirby, the spokesman, had said in a statement that as the documents were not marked as classified, an investigation was underway in order to determine whether it should have been classified before the documents were sent. An official of the intelligence department has told the Associated Press that the documents concerned had special access programs which could be used to identify agents who are working undercover. The emails may also contain the information about operations which are done secretly like drone strikes.