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Concerns over Tourism in Acapulco

Mexico has been the center stage of really violent confrontations and horrific crimes.Last week’s findings in Acapulco have really shocked the world-wide.15 people were found beheaded and other 15 were killed in violent confrontations. The war between drug-cartel families has really got out of hand and Mexican authorities seem to be in over their head. Besides the violent and crime factor that has increased with the years and represents the most urging problem in Mexico, concerns have appeared as far as tourism in Mexico is concerned.

Acapulco has been the scene of some violent crimes and it is a surprise that people still come here from all over the world. Just last October 20 tourists were kidnapped in the neighborhood of Acapulco and found dead one month later. Organized crime has taken over Mexico and the two most powerful organized crime families “La Familia” and “Los Zetas” inaccessibly kill each other for supremacy on the drug market.

Tourism is very important in Mexico’s economy and only last tear Mexico had 8.2 million tourists from outside the country. The Acapulco resort is widely known and popular for its beaches, landscapes and night life. People come here from over the world so it would really be a shame for the beach resort to lose its important place in the tourism industry. If until now, Acapulco appeared on TV promoting tourism in Mexico, last week the resort made newspapers head lines with the gruesome discovery of the beheaded men. So far tourists have not given up on coming to Acapulco but who knows what the future might bring.

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Columbia Plane Crash Tragedy: Brazil Mourns Chapecoense Football Team

Hundreds of Brazilians in Chapeco gathered at the stadium to pay their respects to their fallen heroes-The Chapecoense Football Team. Many were still in shock, after learning that the members of their beloved team had fallen victim to the tragic plane crash that took place near Madellin, in Columbia, on Tuesday 29th November 2016. Avid football fans were seen weeping, clutching the team’s T-shirts, outside the local stadium, unable to comprehend or bear the sheer magnitude of the tragedy.

There was an overwhelming feeling of loss all over Brazil, as the Chapecoense Football Team was on their way to play, what many have termed, as the greatest game in history- the finals of the Copa Sudamericana, which had been scheduled against their hugely popular rivals, The Medellin team of Atletico Nacional.

Brazilians, recognized for their love of the sport, know just how important the match was. It was only a week ago that the team became the 1st Brazilian Team to become eligible to play in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. Many in the team had commented that the biggest highlight of their careers and the year’s football season was the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. The club’s jubilation knew no bounds, as was evident from the many posts on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, it was a dream that was short-lived.

The tragic plane crash has claimed 71 lives, out of the 77 that were on board. Columbian aviation officials have pinpointed a faulty electrical circuit, as the main culprit behind the crash. Out of the 77 people on board, only six have survived the crash. There are reports that two of the survivors are footballers- Jackson Follman (reserve goalkeeper) and Alan Ruschel (defender). Both are said to be in a state of shock from the incident.

As a mark of respect, the footballers from the Atletico Nacional have requested the organizers to award the cup to the Chapecoense team.

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Renault Prototype Leaks May Cause Economic Crisis

As one of the most important sectors of the industry, the car making business is continuously and intensely developing with new car prototypes brought to show rooms every year. The competition is fearful so in order to keep up with the times and the growing number of competitors, car making companies must come up with something new every year. This is one of the main reasons for which confidentiality is very important in car making companies.

French company Renault, one of the most important car making brands in the world, suspended three of its senior managers on alleged leaking of confidential information regarding Renault’s first electric car. Although the decision is not final and the three have been given the chance to defend themselves, the company has stated its growing concern as far as industrial espionage is concerned.

The Fluence ZE is Renault’s first electrical car. Since more and more car making companies have reached the conclusion that the electrical car represents the future of the car making industry, confidentiality as far as the technological means of the car are concerned, is of vital importance. A leak of technological information regarding the Fluence ZE could be disastrous for Renault as the car is onlu scheduled for showrooms at the end of the year. Meanwhile competing car makers have already launched their electrical prototype which is not so good for Renault.

The French Industry Minister Eric Besson intervened in the matter and warned that better security measures must be applied. Car making companies in France represent a powerful branch of the economy as they provide many work places for people all around France.

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