September 2016

Renault Prototype Leaks May Cause Economic Crisis

As one of the most important sectors of the industry, the car making business is continuously and intensely developing with new car prototypes brought to show rooms every year. The competition is fearful so in order to keep up with the times and the growing number of competitors, car making companies must come up with something new every year. This is one of the main reasons for which confidentiality is very important in car making companies.

French company Renault, one of the most important car making brands in the world, suspended three of its senior managers on alleged leaking of confidential information regarding Renault’s first electric car. Although the decision is not final and the three have been given the chance to defend themselves, the company has stated its growing concern as far as industrial espionage is concerned.

The Fluence ZE is Renault’s first electrical car. Since more and more car making companies have reached the conclusion that the electrical car represents the future of the car making industry, confidentiality as far as the technological means of the car are concerned, is of vital importance. A leak of technological information regarding the Fluence ZE could be disastrous for Renault as the car is onlu scheduled for showrooms at the end of the year. Meanwhile competing car makers have already launched their electrical prototype which is not so good for Renault.

The French Industry Minister Eric Besson intervened in the matter and warned that better security measures must be applied. Car making companies in France represent a powerful branch of the economy as they provide many work places for people all around France.

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