August 2016

Dilma Rousseff Ousted As Brazil’s President

Brazil’s first female president Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the Brazilian Senate on Wednesday for manipulating the federal budget. It has put an end to the 13 long years of governing by the left wing worker’s party. Ms. Rousseff has denied all allegations made against her.

Sixty-one senators believed to have voted in favor of Ms. Rousseff’s dismissal while 20 were against it which meets the two-third majority needed to oust her from the presidency.
Ms. Rousseff was charged with criminal accountability in the rendering of her duties, which includes neglecting the federal budget and administrative misconduct.

Michel Temer will take the place of Ms. Rousseff as the new president of Brazil until the end of the current term, on 1 January 2019. Mr. Temer served as Ms. Rousseff’s vice president earlier this year.
Recently, Mr. Temer was found guilty of disrupting campaign finance limits, which could make him ineligible for running for office for at least eight years, if ever he gets convicted. Since becoming temporary president in May, he has been making a lot of change which has brought a huge disapproval amongst his people. He named a cabinet without any Afro-Brazilian or female ministers, outraging a lot of people as Brazil is a country known for its diversity in people.