September 2015

Google Groupon deal

Google is reportedly ready to pay $6 billion just to take dealmaker. The search engine giant Google seems to be quite eager to acquire the group-buying service, Groupon by throwing the highest bid. It is speculated that Google might take the company for a shocking 5.3 to 6 billion dollars.

The acquisition of the Groupon Company will be a milestone of some sort for Google. It has been reported that google’s biggest competitor yahoo has tried a number of times to buy the Groupon company.

It has been reported by all things D, that although the negotiations are still going on Groupon has agreed to sell the company to Google for the price mentioned above and with an additional 700 million dollars in earn out. The New York Times has said that this deal is worth more to Google than its previous double clicks deal it made a while back.

The Groupon Company started doing business in the year 2008 with Andrew mason as the chief executive officer. This group buying service has its roots in both the United States and in Canada with many different branches in the two countries.
Needless to say, that if Google is willing to spend that much money in acquiring a two year old company then Google must believe that it can make the company a gold mine and that it will bring Google much more money than the 6 billion dollars it used to purchases it.