July 2015

American Young Adults Communicate Only Through Cell Phones

The latest report of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on phone use shows that most 25-29 years-old Americans use cell phones in order to communicate and half of them do not even have a traditional landline telephone in their households. The age of cell phones has started some time ago but predictions are that in the near future cell phones will completely eliminate traditional landlines telephones.

This, at least for young adults living nowadays and for future generations. The report also found that most children live in households where the telephone system is only wireless, proving once more that this telephoning system seems more appealing and in handy to most young parents.

Stephen Blumberg, a senior scientist at Centers for Disease Control indicated that the results of the report point indeed that for the younger generation the wireless system is the only one that they need at this time. This new inclination towards cell phones is changing also the telecommunication industry as more and more people give up using the traditional telephone landline.

The increase in the usage of cell phones is visible from year to year. In the last half of 2009, 25 percent of U.S. households had only cell phones while in the first half of this year the number of households had increased with 2 percent. Over the years the growth of cell phones households has been substantial if we take into account the fact that in 2007 only 14 percent of the households were functioning on cell phones alone. The numbers of cell phones households is higher among 25 to 29 years-olds. In the first half of this year, 51 percent of households had only cell phones while now the number is higher by 2 percent. The wireless-only area is quickly approaching and it will not be long until traditional landline telephones will cease to exist.