May 2015

Waking 10,000 Steps Daily May prevent Diabetes

Physical movement is recommended by most doctors and specialists in order for us to be in good physical health and avoid all sorts of medical problems. Exercising is good for the heart and body and helps us stay in shape. It seems that exercising can also prevent some diseases and conditions such as diabetes. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal by a team of Australian specialists proves this. The risk of diabetes is much lower is we just walk some steps every day. It seems almost too easy to be true.

The study was made during a five year period of observation, between 2000 and 2005.It involved 592 adults and its main concern was indeed to find out whether walking could really prevent the apparition of diabetes. The participants were given a pedometer and were medically examined at the beginning of the study. After a five year period data was compared with the initial one but mostly among participants in the study.

The pedometer showed the daily number of steps made by each person and it revealed the fact that those who had the highest number of steps were in far better condition than those with lower numbers of steps. The weight and the insulin sensitivity of those with high number of steps were better than for those who did not walk a lot daily. For those people who had gathered 10,000 steps per day, there was a visible improvement in insulin sensitivity and the level of improvement was three times higher than for those people who only walked 3,000 steps per day